Quote Examples


yes you can

do what you love

you’ve got this

no rain no flowers

perfectly imperfect

just keep swimming

plan ahead

you are unstoppable

get on with it

I can & I will

we got this

choose happy

be amazing today

inhale exhale

you’re my favourite

happy place

be a nice human

home sweet home

just breathe

and breathe…


hold on… let me overthink this

empowered women empower women

adventure awaits


love is enough

you’re my lobster

be my valentine

you are for me

all you need is love

I fancy you

I love you

it was always you

you are fit

truly madly deeply

I bloody love you

love me love me not


ho ho ho

fa la la la la la la la la

jingle bells

festive as fuck

festive AF

deck the halls

joy peace love

merry christmas

tinsel tits

merry bloody christmas

bah humbug

merry & bright

hot chocolate weather


have a nice poo

put the seat down

wash your hands

wipe your bum

how you pooing?

crazy plant lady

crazy cat lady

I miss sleep

no phone zone

get off your phone

don’t be a dick

get shit done

bitch tits

you’re the tits

oh tits


what the fuck

fuck it all

shits all fucked up

for fuck’s sake

fuck it

fuck this shit

zero fucks

oh fuck

I’m fucking awesome



adventure awaits

dream big dreams

go explore

go your own way


wild & free

you are loved

wild thing

dream big little one

hello world

one small step

you can do anything

you are my sunshine

oh the places you’ll go

Mothers Day

best mum ever

love you mum

mum in a million


Mummy est 2015

love you Granny

Granny est 2015