So you’ve bought some of my new lined paper fabric? Nice one! If you haven’t, why not?! You can get hold of some here.

I wanted to give you a few suggestions for how you could use the fabric but I’ll be honest, my head is just bursting with ideas for the ways that it could be used so I’ve tried to limit myself to 5 to write about here.

1. Lists and checklists

Who doesn’t love a list? I’m fairly sure that the older I get, the more lists I have on the go. In fact, the very first thing that I stitched when the first sample of the fabric arrived was a list. My husband and I have a little joke that every single time I ask him to pop to the shops, the list always starts with the same three items….. Bread, bananas and broccoli. So I stitched it in my own handwriting and it now hangs on our fridge as a fun little reminder. The magnetic hook is great too, I picked up a load from Amazon and I can see them getting well used! You can find them here.

And look at this hilarious checklist that Beth from Penny Embroidery stitched. You should check out her hoops because they are bloody brilliant. I have one over my desk that says “believe in yourself you fucking idiot”!

2. Song Lyrics

Have you got a favourite song that you’d like to capture in a hoop? Or perhaps some misheard lyrics?! Becca from Sew Funkadelic stitched this brilliant hoop and even included some cool little doodles.

I’m a right one for mishearing song lyrics, my husband despairs of me frequently. We are both currently obsessed with Coxy on Instagram – It’s all about Lorraine…….


This has to be my favourite use. I actually have multiple lists of quotes that I want to stitch and the lists are definitely growing faster than I can stitch. I can picture multiple hoops and quotes all hanging together on a wall, gallery style. Having the same fabric will really pull a collection like that together.

I thought that the first quote I would stitch would be from Anne of Green Gables but I just can’t settle on one. I have loved these stories ever since I was a child and I really want to do a hoop like this justice. I might add some floral elements too…. And can you imagine a quote from Jo of Little Women stitched on this fabric. Perfect!

“ I intend to make my own way in the world “ – Jo March, Little Women

4. Capturing handwriting memories

I have a really clear image in my mind of an old recipe, saved for years in the back of a book, yellowing and getting damaged. Why not trace it onto this fabric and hang it on your kitchen wall?

How about your kid’s first attempts at writing their name? I already have an Travis’ early attempt on my mantelpiece but he’s just started writing us hilarious little notes and letters and these would make a great project. The other day he pressed a note into my hand that said:

“House Rules.

  1. No eating sweets after I have gone to bed”

He didn’t get past the first rule! I’ve still got that scrap of paper in my jeans pocket and I really should get it stitched.

What’s your handwriting like? Mine is fairly terrible but occasionally I’ll be able to bust out something ok looking. It’s all about making something that is personal to you, your family, someone special…

5. Reminders

Also see Lists! But what I mean here are specific reminders to do something. I love having stuff on my desk that reminds me to take care of myself, or water the plants, take a walk… I have a gorgeous bracelet from @oh_someday that says “get your shit together”!

I think I’m going to stitch a little checklist of reminders together that includes:

  • Move your body
  • Drink some water
  • Go outdoors
  • Take a nap
  • Find some quiet
  • Stop scrolling

What do you need reminding to do? I definitely need to be told to get up and go outdoors! I find it easy to get so engrossed in a task that I forget to move my body or have a drink.

I’ve also starting taking a little bit of time for myself between dinner and Travis’ bedtime. I just go and lie on my bed and try and zone out for a while. Even if it’s only 5 minutes, I find that it really helps.

So there we go, just a few ideas for how you can use your fabric. I think that the reason I love this fabric so much is that it really is a blank page, just waiting for your stitching.

Drop me a comment telling what you are going to stitch! And don’t forget to tag me in your hoops and use #LinedPaperFabric !